We have only one main commitment and that is to make sure our company will be able to meet our customers’ needs and expectations at all times. Our commitments will always be centered on our loyal customers and that includes loading and moving all shipments safely without the possibility of breakage and or loss at all times. All shipments will also always be on time and if our customers request for a rapid delivery service which is part of our emergency delivery package, then this too can be possible.

Other important commitments that will make sure our loyal customers will trust our company, The Gillani Transport all the more also include safety transportation, quality employees, high quality shipping standards and affordable rates compared to other transportation companies.

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Our key to success is to follow three simple rules and that is honesty, consistency and to be reliable at all times. The transportation business is one of the most fragile businesses you could ever get into. Why? This is because customers usually rely on your company to get important parcels, products and cargo's to be delivered from one place to another without the fear of getting their cargo's damaged or lost. These customers’ expectations on the other hand must be met by our company by making sure they can rely on us, and that we will always be honest at all times. All in all our company’s key to success is to make sure all products that should be delivered are safe, intact with no possible scratches and are all delivered to its right destination, and another key to success that our company will always live by is to deliver all goods on time no matter what the consequences are.

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  • Heavy Truck Transportation
  • Light Truck Transportation
  • Container Transportation
  • Long Term / Annual Rental Contracts
  • All Kind of Trailers Recovery Vans/Trucks Hire
  • Industries, Warehouse Container Transportation
  • Complete Heavy Transportation by Road
  • Distribution & Supply Chain Solutions
  • Clearing & Forwarding
  • Cargo Loading & Unloading Services

fast and safe

Gillani Transport L.L.C – a name for fast, effective and in time transportation of goods


Gillani Transport is one of the best transport companies in Dubai who can deliver all kinds of parcels and cargos nationally and internationally. Our company also offers custom shipping and packaging for clients that have fragile, valuable and too large cargoes for companies that only accepts small package transport.

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We have dedicated team of professionals who are not only experienced but also honest and trustworthy as well. Why choose us out of the many businesses available in your area? There is only one simple and quick answer to that and that is, we get the job done fast and always on time.

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We can deliver an honest service with no delays. Our main goal is to make sure all are clients’ valuable cargo's are in good hands, packed with extra care to avoid cracks, scratches and other types of damages ( major or minor), and most of all make sure all cargo's will be delivered at the right location on the deadline.
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Gillani Transport LLC

Office number 137-B, Sajaya 7 building, Ras AL Khor

Po Box: 39367, Dubai, UAE

T: +971 4 3341441

M: +971 55 1000 816

E-mail: info@gillanitransport.com

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